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MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE is a UK-wide Lions scheme and has been provided locally by Buxton Lions as a free community service for many years.

The simple idea is that vulnerable people, especially those living on their own, keep their basic personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location like the fridge, where the details can be easily found in an Emergency. 

The standard form includes space to record other useful information, such as contact details for Next of Kin or friends to be notified in an emergency and even what provision is needed for any pet/s. Copies of repeat prescriptions should also be included to aid Paramedics and any hospital staff to ensure that the correct drugs are administered in an emergency.

If more than one vulnerable person lives in the house, only one bottle is needed but each person should complete a separate form, which should have a passport type photo attached to aid identification

The bottle is normally kept in the fridge. Two stickers – one on the inside of the front door and one on the fridge door – direct the Emergency Services, who know to look out for them, to the bottle.

Bottles, containing forms and stickers, are available in all local pharmacies, at Connex on the Market Place, in most medical centres and at a few other participating outlets.

Individuals or community organisations may also obtain bottles

or further information by clicking on

Important Note:
The scheme is NOT designed to replace MEDIC ALERT. If you have a specific medical condition and routinely wear either a Medic Alert or the similar SOS Talisman bracelet or necklace, you should CONTINUE to wear it.

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Meal meetings are held on the 4th Friday of each month.  All held at the Cavendish Golf Club.


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